The Dangers in some Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss programs should be a guide for a healthy and fit lifestyle, and not to risk your health. Because many people take drastic measures in losing weight, there are a lot of weight loss programs that may seem effective at first, but really are harmful to the body. Too much pressure leaves a lot of people (especially women) feeling desperate which results to compromising their health along the process. Here are some of the most dangerous weight loss programs that should not even be considered if you want healthy and fit body, long term.

–        Diuretics or drugs that induce loss of water. Well, it says it all — you only lose water in your body, not fat. Side effect of diuretics is dehydration which makes you lose a lot of important liquid in your body that are vital in proper kidney, liver, heart, and brain function. It also makes you lose zinc that is important in stabilizing your hormones. Another bad effect of not having enough zinc in your body is that your skin will become prone to acne.

–        Protein diets wherein carbohydrates are ditched, you make room for little vegetables and a lot of meat instead. Studies show that low carbohydrate intake compensated with a lot of protein produces metabolic disorders.  Your body will find a way to produce carbohydrate substitutes due to the carbohydrate deficit. The “alternate” carbohydrates produced by the body from fats overwork the heart, the vessels, and the liver. It is also proven that women who abuses protein diets have lower chances of getting pregnant.

–        Laxatives are unhealthy because the food and calories you took in have already been absorbed in the small intestine by the time the laxatives begin its work. Like in diuretics, you only lose water which is why you think you’re losing weight. Over time, you will start retaining water, feel bloated, and too much laxatives will build dependency in your body wherein the body can no longer remove bowel without laxatives. This is a very dangerous weight loss program that has taken lives.

–        Diet pills are another dangerous weight loss programs that should be avoided. There are some diet pills that are prescribed by physicians, but these are given only to obese people who are under medical supervision. Diet pills may come in forms of caffeine pills, herbal supplements, appetite suppressants, and others. Diet pills without proper medical supervision targets the nervous system and produces amphetamine-like reactions. Some of the bad side effects of diet pills are fatigue, palpitations, headaches, dry mouth, hair loss, decreased sex drive, irregular bowel movements, heart attack, stroke, hyperactivity, insomnia, nervousness, tightness in chest, and shortness of breath.

–        Express dieting is popular for people who want to lose weight fast for a special occasion. The idea is to fit in that dress in a matter of five to seven days. This type of weight loss program is dangerous in a sense that during the period of starvation, you become weak, you experience nausea, headaches, and even constipation. Your emotions become affected negatively, your metabolism becomes damaged, and you will only regain your weight quickly too.