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Personal Training

Achieve 80% better results 3 times faster with a Personal Trainer than on your own. We offer the most experienced and finest personal trainers in Vaughan. They have the knowledge and motivation necessary to help you reach your goals. Change happens when there is consistency, intensity and discipline. RESULTS are what follow and our trainers can show you how.

Top 5 reasons for working with a Personal Trainer:


What is a Personal Trainer?

Real Fitness for Women Personal Trainers are certified coaches who ensure that you achieve and maintain your personal fitness goals. They will motivate, educate, support and coach you on how to work out safely and efficiently. We recruit only those trainers with the highest level of certification, degrees and/or diplomas known in our industry and encourage all our trainers to maintain a high level of knowledge through ongoing education.

Types of Personal Training

ONE-ON-ONE... Get maximum results
ONE-ON-TWO... Share all the benefits of 1-1 training with a friend at a reduced price per session.
GROUP TRAINING... See results, while being fun, affordable and motivating.
Consists of a minimum of 5 and maximum of 8 per group.

"We have several Personal Training packages to meet your individual needs and budget. Choose between our 3 month Accelerator, 6 month Real Results, 12 month Transformation package or customize your own. All packages are available on an easy payment plan. For more information you can email or call 905-850-2226 to schedule an appointment with a Fitness Consultant who will be happy to discuss options available to you. "
Personal Training