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Join our women?s only club and be part of a group of women that choose to live an active and healthy lifestyle.  In today?s face paced world, women are faced with daily stresses of family, home and work.  Our members realize the importance of making the time to take care of yourself.  This will only make you feel more energized, motivated and stronger to face everyday life!  Join our women?s only club today with any of our flexible membership options.

Membership Terms

Looking good, and living a healthy lifestyle is a life-long commitment. While our one year plan is our most popular, we understand that women need flexibility and options. Join for one year, one month or simply pay-as-you-go. Making a new lifestyle change can be challenging, so we offer membership term options that make it easy for you to start.

Family Membership

Why not get your family to support your decision to live a better life by getting them to join with you. We offer discounts to those families that join Real Fitness for Women. To be classified as a couple or family, all must live at the same address or share the same last name. Some restrictions may apply.

Student Membership

While technology has changed the way kids spend their free time and extra-curricular school activities dwindle, children and adolescent obesity rates continue to rise in Canada. We recognize the need to offer our youth and young adults the services that can help them live a more active and healthy lifestyle. To accommodate student?s budgets we offer discounted rates on three month and one year memberships. To qualify, you must provide a valid Student ID.

Corporate Fitness

Work related stress can be damaging to our health and our every day performance on the job, which in turn affects the company?s ability to compete in challenging economic times. At Real Fitness for Women we not only offer corporate membership discounts but we cater our programs to your work place or business needs.
Get a group (5 or more) and set a short term weight loss or fitness challenge with any of our custom designed eight week corporate programs:
  • Bikini Boot Camp
  • Kick Box Pow Wow
  • Spinning Stress Buster
All programs include a healthy eating nutrition program.

Email or contact us at 905-850-2226 for more information.

Please note, certain discounted memberships cannot be combined with any promotional membership offers.